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RemeSPORT Sports Centre

RemeSPORT Sports Centre


RemeSPORT is one of the biggest sports training centres in Central Europe. The centre is prepared to host any professional sports team, like football, rugby or volleyball teams, but also individuals.

Uniquely located , RemeSPORT ensures perfect training conditions and full privacy. World-class training facilities along with the four-star Hotel Remes Sport & Spa make an impressive sports complex for seasonal sports camps, cups or sparring matches. We approach every team individually, as every team is diferrent. 252 beds in air-conditioned rooms with Internet and sattelite TV ensure comfortable stay. The Hotel offers also full-service wellness. The menu is adapted to athletes' needs and coaches may use the Conference Centre for meetings and briefings or to hold press conferences.

Several dozens of national teams have enjoyed the stay, including Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Germany and Russia, as well as Polish and European sports clubs. Learn more about the teams RemeSPORT has hosted

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